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Many people have asked this question. When is the best and ideal time to visit Kenya? Well to answer this question, Kenya has one of the best climates and its ideal and best to travel throughout depending with what one wants to do. Kenya is divided by the equator and is characterized by a tropical climate.

Most regions in Kenya have temperatures between 71-91°F a day, and they rarely drop below 55°F at night. Even during the short rains, the humidity during the day is mostly low and the sky is clear enough to see the Milky Way at night.
Broadly, the seasons are: hot and dry from January to March; hot and wet from April to June (the “long rains”); warm and dry from July to October; and warm and wet for a few weeks in November and early December – a period called the “short rains”.

At high altitudes, it may rain at almost any time However, one of the best times to visit Kenya is from July to September, during the country’s dry season, which also coincides with the Great wildebeest Migration a major tourist attraction as it’s one of the wonders of the world.The climate on the coast of Kenya is the same as the inland weather. January, February and July to October are the best times to travel to Kenya as it is the dry season The rainy seasons are also good times to travel, as there are fewer visitors and you can admire the striking emerald vegetation.

December in particular is a great time to travel to Kenya, since the rains are short and you have the chance to see newborn animals and migratory bird species. Only the peak of the ‘long rains’ in March, April and May are very wet.If you are wondering when is the best time to visit Kenya, how to decide which safari to opt for and the best way to organize your trip, our destination experts are waiting to help!

Kenya Climate Guide

# Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Amboseli National Park 30°C 45mm 31°C 56mm 30°C 87mm 28°C 146mm 26°C 68mm 25°C 13mm 24°C 4mm 25°C 5mm 27°C 7mm 29°C 31mm 29°C 103mm 28°C 80mm
Lamu Archipelago 30°C 7mm 31°C 3mm 31°C 28mm 31°C 134mm 30°C 307mm 30°C 157mm 29°C 87mm 29°C 44mm 29°C 47mm 30°C 43mm 30°C 51mm 30°C 31mm
Masai Mara National Reserve 28°C 82mm 28°C 95mm 28°C 124mm 27°C 166mm 26°C 110mm 26°C 59mm 25°C 28mm 26°C 44mm 27°C 52mm 28°C 56mm 27°C 100mm 27°C 111mm
Nairobi 26°C 48mm 27°C 49mm 27°C 95mm 25°C 200mm 24°C 151mm 23°C 37mm 22°C 15mm 23°C 21mm 25°C 22mm 26°C 52mm 24°C 132mm 25°C 83mm
Samburu National Reserve 32°C 15mm 34°C 21mm 33°C 58mm 32°C 113mm 32°C 47mm 32°C 4mm 31°C 5mm 31°C 5mm 33°C 5mm 33°C 53mm 31°C 140mm 31°C 57mm
Watamu 31°C 14mm 31°C 10mm 32°C 34mm 31°C 170mm 29°C 286mm 28°C 141mm 28°C 96mm 28°C 70mm 29°C 61mm 30°C 76mm 31°C 80mm 31°C 47mm

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