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The aspect of life in its dignity lies in diversity and harmony in living. co-existing is an African way of living among the people of Kenya.Every place has a unique story, and a cultural and heritage tour helps narrate it. Discover the past through the remains of medieval cities, ancient temples, and archaeological sites as well as culture.Travel becomes exceptional when we involve those in the communities. We strive to leave them better than we found them, we also hope you take one or two things with you.

In Kenya, we love celebrating Diversity of culture., Tolerance is freedom and we take the time to involve communities as sustainable plan.The most substantial group of people in Kenya with the richest culture and heritage are the Maasai And Samburu people, every group has their own traditions, culture and heritage, but the most sought-after people are the Maasai And the Samburu as they exhibit such a strong character when it comes to survival and livelihood. They have interesting way of life. Also, Dance and music is a one thing African people can’t do without.The Harmony brings laughter and joy

The Masai culture has in the world over been noted as a distinct culture, with the warrior spirit and unique adornment. It is not a surprise the manyatta (Masai traditional house) has become globally recognized even in the architectural circles.The Turkana region similarly has been a center of culture recognition with the Samburu people among other cultures. The calendar Turkana Cultural festival is without a doubt a trailblazer in the region.

To the East, the coastal cultures are uniquely bestowed. The predominant Swahili culture which we find highly artistic and expressive with its architecture and lifestyle being influenced with the early Arabs and Portuguese who sailed to the coast. Most notably, the Swahili cuisine is such a great food trip that shall entice your palette.As you travel the world and uncover its cultural diversity, you will be repeatedly reminded that around every corner lies a fascinating tale. As a company, we are committed to leave them better than we found them and we take pride in helping you immerse in and experience these stories.

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